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Discover a revolutionary way to find love here at the University of Nantes with No more swiping away your study hours or hoping to bump into your campus crush at the Château de la Duchesse Anne library. Your perfect match is right here, within the bustling hallways of our beloved university.

Our innovative app, exclusively designed for the Nantes student community, harnesses AI technology to devise an effortless, tailor-made dating experience. Engage in a charming conversation with our matchmaking chatbot, Eva, as she meticulously shapes your profile and introduces you to compatible partners. No more awkward encounters at café Léopold, just the anticipation of a profound connection.

Experience a dating journey like no other as Eva skillfully finds your perfect match within the vibrant student life of Nantes. Reinvigorate your college experience with stimulating connections, all achieved effortlessly with the smart union of AI and dating. Start your journey at the University of Nantes with today!