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Welcome to, an intensely personalised dating service crafted just for you, the bright students of University of Otago. Our revolutionary dating app uses Eva, an advanced AI matchmaking chatbot superior to the whims of chance that leave you hoping for a bump-in at the bustling Central Library or a chance encounter at the popular Modaks Espresso. Eva takes the time to get to know you – yes, you - your tastes, passions, and quirks – through engaging conversations, a far cry from monotonous swiping.

After understanding you, Eva creates your unique profile, elegantly encapsulating who you are. Thanks to our AI, your student life at Otago will be brimming with more than essays, lectures, and the occasional Mai Tai at The Bog. It will now include promising connections that extend beyond the lecture halls of St David, the whispers of Richardson Building, or the scenic walks by the Leith River. With Eva, expect dates that are as thrilling as the Boatshed Jump during Orientation Week.

So forget swiping, forget waiting for a bump into Mr. or Mrs. Right and join, made for University of Otago, with University of Otago in mind. Let Eva and our intuitive technology introduce you to a world of dating that’s intelligent, personal, and crafted for you. Step into the future of dating, personalize your love story, and start your journey towards finding meaningful connections right here in Dunedin.