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Find your perfect study date with the cutting-edge dating app specifically designed for University of Santiago de Compostela students -! Say goodbye to swiping and hello to our intelligent AI matchmaking bot, Eva. She learns about you through meaningful conversation, creating a unique dating profile tailored to your interests and preferences. Whether you're into early morning coffee runs at Café Literarios or late-night studying at the Biblioteca Xeral, ensures you won't miss out on your potential uni sweetheart.

Never again experience the frustrating what-ifs of bumping into that cute someone in Biblioteca América only to lose them within the sea of students cramming for finals. Our bot, Eva, does the 'location stress' out of dating — suggesting ideal meeting spots around campus, that favorite booth at the Abastos 2.0 Market or even an outdoor date by Alameda Park, enhancing your dating experience and increasing the odds of a successful match.

It's your chance to focus on your studies and still enjoy the vibrant student life at University of Santiago de Compostela. Be it chatting about your love for Galician history or catching someone's eye across at the Aula Magna, paves the way for connections that stretch beyond the lecture halls. Make the most of your university years by finding your intellectual match with – because dating, like learning, should be seamless and exciting!