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Welcome to, your innovative dating app solution exclusive to University of Siena students! Gone are the days of the aimless swiping, bland profiles, and the hopeful yet oftentimes hopeless encounters at the busy library.

Our AI dating assistant, Eva, transforms the university dating experience by taking the guesswork out of matchmaking. After chatting with Eva, she will conveniently construct your profile based on your personality, interests, and even your favourite study places. Yes, she'll know if you prefer the cosy, artistic atmosphere at Fiorella Café or if you enjoy the bustling, vibrant vibes of Caffe Universita. It's a ‘getting to know you’ conversation that just feels right.

So put traditional dating uncertainties aside. No more relying on accidental library ‘book drops’ and trying to find that perfect someone in between classes. Let Eva handle the rest. Here’s to a fresh, AI-driven approach to dating, rooted in a deep understanding of who you are and what you're looking for in the diverse culture of University of Siena. Join today, start chatting with Eva, and get ready to rewrite your St. Catherine Street love story.