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Welcome to, specifically crafted for you, the brilliant minds at the University of Southern Mississippi. Let us move you beyond the monotonous swiping offers and into an era of AI-powered matchmaking. Meet Eva, your next-gen chatbot that learns your preferences through quaint conversations rather than static profiles.

Eva's on a mission to add vibrancy to your dating life right here on our home ground. She might suggest a delightful first date at T-Bones Records, where you can bond over a captivating melody and steaming lattes, or propose a romantic stroll around the Lake Byron, away from the buzzing hub of the Cook Library. So why bank on running into 'the one' between the library shelves, when Eva can orchestrate your blooming romance?

Students of Southern Miss, immerse yourselves in this innovative dating experience tailored for your unique lifestyles and preferences. is not just about matchmaking, it’s about leveling-up your university life by crafting memorable, university-focused dating experiences. Seize the day, Golden Eagles, and allow Eva to pen your love story.