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Welcome to, your exclusive go-to destination for university romance. Crafted specifically for the lively souls of the University of Sussex, we're bringing a revolutionary idea to dating. No, you won't be relying on those accidental library encounters to spark a connection anymore. Instead, meet Eva, our savvy AI chatbot who will lead you through an engaging conversation to understand you better, and then promptly build you a profile that truly reflects who you are.

Ditch the mundane swiping routine! With, finding a compatible match is as seamless as enjoying a steaming cup of latte at our local legend - The Trading Post. Our innovative algorithm, backed by Eva’s insight from your casual chat, efficiently connects you with students you share common ground with. Why settle for random connections when you can build meaningful relationships?

Navigate the world of university dating with the finesse of an AI matchmaker. Dive into today and allow us to redefine your dating experiences. After all, we’re more than just an app; we are your ticket to starting that exciting love story you've been waiting for.