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Welcome to, specially designed for students studying at the prestigious University of Szeged. Debating in the SZTE Congress Center, studying in the Somogyi Library, or chilling at Café Frei, we know your university experience is diverse. That's why we developed a unique dating experience, tailored to your thrills and pursuits. Forget about time-consuming swipes or bumping into a potential match while browsing between the study carrels.

Introducing Eva, your AI Matchmaking Assistant. Engage in an interactive conversation with Eva as she learns your interests, dreams, and what you're looking for in a partner. No redundant questionnaires, no swiping, just a friendly chat. Eva carefully compiles a robust and detailed profile, connecting you only with those whose interests align with yours.

Might we suggest a first date at TIK, the heart of student life, or maybe a thoughtful walk around the Botanical Garden, the green island of our university? With, you'll explore new avenues of connection, all the while strengthening the students' community of Szeged. Embrace the future of dating, where advanced technology meets heartfelt conversation.