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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app exclusively tailored to the dynamic students at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) who are seeking meaningful connections. Forget about awkwardly crossing paths in the JPL Library or hoping to bump into that special someone in the line at Roadrunner Café. Our cutting-edge matchmaking service powered by Eva, our AI chatbot, efficiently navigates the dating sphere for you.

To get started, simply engage in a conversation with Eva. She's here to learn about your unique personality, interests, and dating preferences. No more endless swiping or typing out lengthy profiles. Eva crafts a tailor-made profile for you after a delightful matchmaking conversation. Our innovative AI technology is a game changer for Roadrunners searching for love, making dating simple, personalized and stress-free.

Even better, Eva takes into consideration all the specific quirks and characteristics that only UTSA students would understand. Looking to share a late-night study session at the Sombrilla? Or maybe you dream of sipping coffee at the indie Local Coffee on a first date after a Roadrunners' victory? Trust Eva to pair you with someone who shares your unique UTSA experiences and lifestyle.