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Washington University in St Louis joins Dates.ai

Are you tired of endless swiping and chance encounters at the Olin Library? Welcome to dates.ai, Washington University in St Louis' exclusive dating platform that makes fostering meaningful connections as effortless as a stroll through Francis Field. With dates.ai, you don't just find dates, you find potential partners with whom you can share a Bear Blend at the beloved Whispers Cafe, or lively intellectual debates at the DUC.

Our cutting-edge AI companion, Eva, is here to revolutionize your dating experience. Through a friendly and engaging conversation with Eva, dates.ai learns about you at a deeper level, going beyond your major or your favorite campus hangout. It's more than matching computer science enthusiasts or sharing a love for exploring Forest Park. Eva digs deeper, seeking to understand your values, passions, and aspirations, building an authentic profile that truly reflects your unique personhood.

Why rely on unpredictable run-ins at Mallinckrodt Center or the chance of finding that special someone in your Sociology 101 class, when dates.ai and Eva can streamline your journey? With us, it's not about swiping right or left, rather choosing forward. Forward to a new and exciting dating scene, designed specifically for you, the dynamic students of Washington University in St Louis. Get started today with dates.ai, because your exceptional WashU experience deserves an equally exceptional love story.