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Western Sydney University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the new-age AI driven dating app, custom tailored for Western Sydney University's vibrant mix of students. Gone are the days of accidentally spilling your coffee in the Nirimba Café, hoping to strike a conversation with that cute someone across the table. We say, let your search for love be as exciting as having a random chat outside the university library.

Meet Eva, your personalised AI matchmaking chatbot. Eva learns your preferences through easy conversation, building a profile that understands you so well, you'll wonder if she's been sitting next to you in your lectures. No more swipes, no more random matches. Just engaging chats leading to potential dates, as precise as your experiment results in the science lab.

Let your love story begin somewhere between the Penrith campus' lush lawns and the overcrowded elevators of the Campbelltown campus. With Dates.ai, navigating the dating maze is as easy as catching the free shuttle bus from Parramatta to Bankstown. It's time to make your own story at Western Sydney University.