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Xidian University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai - your journey towards finding a perfect partner at Xidian University begins here! Say goodbye to those endless swipes and chance encounters in the university library. Our innovative dating app uses our AI-powered matchmaking chatbot, Eva, to better understand you and your preferences. You're more than a profile riddled with likes and dislikes, and Eva ensures your matchmaking is uniquely tailored to you.

Through engaging conversations with Eva, we don't just build your profile, we build connections. Are you the reserved library-goer or the adventurous coffee enthusiast always hunting for a new stop? Maybe you're a familiar face at the local Kuzi Café, or a secret hoarder of Zishan Road's street food - Eva takes note of it all. Remember, the more you share with Eva, the better the matches!

At dates.ai, we aim to revolutionize your dating experience here at Xidian University. Because we understand that amidst chaotic class schedules, demanding study sessions, and exhilarating sports meets, bumping into 'The One' might not be as effortless as it seems. Start your dating adventure with Eva today and discover a whole new world of university romance!