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Welcome to, where Yeshiva University students discover a dating experience unlike any other. Tailored just for you, and us, because where else can you find your perfect match while standing in line for a cup of Joe at the legendary Nagel Bagel, or sitting all the way down in the depths of the Gottesman Library? But let's admit, we can all use a little help moving the needle beyond 'accidental' encounters and endless swiping.

That's where Eva comes in. Our AI Matchmaking chatbot, Eva, radically changes the game for student dating at Yeshiva. No questionnaires, no swipes - just an engaging conversation to build your profile. Eva gets to know you better during this chat, understands your preferences, and, voila, starts curating potential matches from our Yeshiva centric database. And don't worry, Eva won't spill your secrets - she's the most trustworthy bot you'll ever meet!

Trusting in means more time to focus on your studies, or to catch that all-important respite at the Furman Dining Hall, knowing we are working behind the scenes to suggest your best matches. So, bid farewell to standing around hoping to bump into your crush at Morgenstern's library again and say hello to a world where digital dating meets Yeshiva University’s charm. You are just one chat away from finding your perfect match.