We're helping people find the right people.

Our mission is to connect people authentically, offering a reprieve from the superficiality often encountered in the online dating scene. By integrating AI into the heart of the love journey, we're committed to helping everyone find their perfect match.

We strongly believe in authenticity, striving to establish meaningful connections for every user. By saying goodbye to fraudulent profiles and unfair transactions, Dates.ai guarantees a dating experience that prioritizes genuineness and mutual compatibility.

Our AI matchmaker, Eva, encapsulates our vision. Through interactive conversations with Eva, users can effectively communicate their preferences and desires. Our AI's advanced algorithms assess these inputs, eliminating hours spent on swiping and efficiently finding your most compatible matches.

In a world rife with misleading dating apps, Dates.ai promises an experience centered around connection, authenticity, and trust. We are committed to delivering a refreshing dating landscape, where finding love is always free, fair, and fulfilling.