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Aalborg University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, the number one dating app designed specifically for the vibrant student community of Aalborg University. Are you tired of endless swiping and hoping for a connection on traditional dating apps? Our innovative application brings a breath of fresh air to the dating scene with our advanced AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva. Within moments, you'll find yourself engaged in a captivating conversation with Eva, allowing her to get to know your preferences and build your profile in a way that makes the perfect match effortless.

Forget about trying to find 'the one' between the stacks in Det Obelske Familiefond Library, or exchanging glances with a stranger over your coffee at Det Gamle Posthus. With dates.ai, it's never been easier to find compatible students right in your campus homespace who are looking for meaningful connections just like you. We understand the nuances of student life in Aalborg University, and Eva is programmed to connect you with fellow students who share your passions, be it for the local music scene, Aalborg's rich architectural history, or simply the quest for the best late-night eatery post study session.

Take the guesswork out of dating and experience the thrill of meeting fellow students who truly share your interests and understand the rhythm of life at Aalborg University. Dates.ai is here to revolutionize your dating experience with an intuitive, personalized approach that ensures an accurate match every time. Embrace the future of dating with us, start your matchmaking conversation with Eva today - forget swiping, meet matching!