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Welcome to, the university dating life innovator made exclusively for the vibrant students of Adam Mickiewicz University. We are here to bridge the gap between cramming for exams in the library and hoping for a serendipitous encounter with your potential match at Cafe La Ruina i Raj. With, the search for love has never been more straightforward and fun.

Our in-house AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is built to understand students like you. Eva is the game-changer that adapts to your preferences after, a captivating matchmaking conversation. Eva revolutionizes the dating experience—it knows better than to interrupt your rigorous study sessions. Forget about swiping, leave the matchmaking to us while you focus on acing your academic endeavours.

At, we get the Adam Mickiewicz University vibe—your love for the arts and humanistic sciences, your passion seen from Stary Rynek to the lecture halls of Collegium Minus. Let Eva connect you with your fellow students and embark on an exciting romantic journey. Start your dynamic university love experience with today.