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Welcome to, powered especially for you, the unique and vibrant student body of Aix-Marseille University! We believe you deserve more than just swiping right or left between your library visits and coffee breaks at Café Le Festival. By leveraging innovative AI technology and the local charm of Aix-Marseille, we offer a more personalized and engaging approach to dating.

Allow us to introduce Eva, our intelligent AI matchmaking chatbot. Eva will construct your dating profile through a friendly and insightful conversation, eliminating the need to craft the 'perfect profile'. This personalized approach ensures an accurate representation of yourself, focusing on your genuine interests and values, rather than artificial attractiveness.

So, don't leave your love-life to the chance encounters in the overcrowded Bibliothèque de l'Université or hope for fate to play its part at Le Flegmatic. Go beyond the ordinary dating experience with Enjoy intelligent matchmaking and embrace this unique opportunity to discover fellow Aix-Marseille students who align with your life, love, and academic journey!