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Welcome to - a revolution in dating, designed exclusively for the students of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. Gone are the days of random swipes and hoping to bump into your potential match at the university library. Our novel AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is here to help you find your perfect match through an interactive conversation. By understanding what you're truly looking for, not only will you save time, but you'll also be sipping a latte with your perfect date at Popasul Studentilor in no time.

Proudly made with the AI technology of today and the heart of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, revolutionizes student dating life. No more awkward library encounters or waiting to bump into someone between lectures - with us, you'll be at Mama Luigi's sharing a much-loved pizza or taking a romantic stroll through the Botanic Gardens after getting to know each other during a fun, interactive chat with Eva.

This isn't just another dating app - it's an intelligent algorithm handcrafted just for YOU. Our Eva, just like the academic prowess of our university, learns, evolves and grows with you, taps into the heart of what you really want, and saves you from the hassle., bringing Alexandru Ioan Cuza University students closer, one conversation at a time!