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Welcome to — Your digital cupid at the heart of Amirkabir University of Technology! We know how rigorous it can get, balancing your AI coursework while hoping to bump into your soulmate at our crowded Beheshti library. That's why we've created, a pioneering dating app that takes the guesswork out of finding love on campus.

Introducing Eva, your AI-powered matchmaking chatbot. No more swiping, no more guessing. Simply engage in a friendly chat conversation with Eva, and she will use your responses to create a comprehensive dating profile for you. She understands your preferences better than you! Let us illuminate your path to love, so you can focus on acing that machine learning project.

Whether you fancy a first meet-up at our beloved local coffee shop, Dibaji, or a romantic stroll between the iconic Civil Engineering and Chemistry departments, has got you covered. Join us now and let add some AI magic to your love life right here at Amirkabir University of Technology.