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Welcome to, where the best minds of Amrita University engage, connect, and build new romantic adventures. This isn't your typical dating platform. Forget about tedious swiping! We offer you a savvy AI matchmaking assistant named Eva, designed to redefine your dating experience. After getting to know you in an intuitive chat-based conversation, Eva constructs an accurate profile for you. So, don't worry about expressing yourself in a few short sentences, Eva's got you covered!

Remember that first eye contact over a latte at the Amrita Coffee House—or regretting not starting a conversation with that interesting persona at the university library? is specifically crafted for you, the Amrita University student. We integrate aspects of your academic life and nearby locales into your dating experiences. Eva could potentially match you with someone who also admired the sunset at the Ashram or crammed for finals at the Learning Center.

The essence of Amrita University is in its diversity, vibrant culture, and young intellect. This is precisely what our application celebrates. fosters significant matches with the potential to go beyond the screen and enter real life. So, don't wait for the serendipity of bumping into someone in the crowded corridors. Let's change the way you find love at Amrita University. Start your dating quest with today!