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Welcome to, the revolution in dating designed specifically for the Sun Devils of Arizona State University! We acknowledge that finding love amidst coursework, exams, and extracurricular activities can be as challenging as finding a quiet study spot in Hayden Library during finals week. Our cutting-edge AI, Eva, is here to transform your dating experience, making it less about swiping and more about genuinely connecting.

Forget those hours of swiping and say hello to Eva, your AI matchmaker. Eva draws from your chat conversations to build a detailed profile, making it easy to find someone who shares your love for the vibrant Colitchi cone at the Pitchforks dining place or the satisfying crunch of grasshoppers at The Chuckbox. She connects you with fellow students who are not only intelligent but are also genuinely passionate about the things you love — be it an intense game at the Sun Devil Stadium or a chilled Saturday night at famous local spots like Cartel Coffee Lab.

Leaping ahead of simple algorithm based dating apps, is engaging, interactive and caters specifically to the ASU community. By leveraging the power of AI, ensures you can focus on establishing a meaningful connection, rather than thumb gymnastics. Let's redefine your dating experience and make it as exciting and unforgettable as your ASU journey. Sign up for today and let Eva help you find your Sun Devil soulmate!