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Welcome to, the premier dating app uniquely designed for Asia University students. Ditch the fatiguing swipes and let our AI-driven matchmaking chatbot, Eva, find your perfect university soulmate. After an intimate digital conversation with Eva, your profile is meticulously crafted, aligning your interests and aspirations with like-minded students on campus.

Forget about occasionally bumping into someone in the often crowded Asia University Library or hoping to meet 'the one' at Stu's popular coffee shop. With, love is always on your schedule. Rekindle romance at the serene Lotus Pond, arrange a study date in the tranquil Li Ping Architecture and Culture Exhibition Hall, or share a cup of tea at the picturesque Tea Plantation. Eva knows every corner of Asia University, just like you, and she'll help you turn every corner into a potential date destination.

Imbued with advanced AI capabilities, Eva isn’t just another chatbot. She immerses herself into your world, tailoring your dating experience to your lifestyle and preferences. Forget all you knew about conventional dating apps, give a whirl and unlock a new era of campus dating at Asia University, Taiwan.