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Ready to meet your perfect match, without needing to swipe through hundreds of profiles? Welcome to, exclusive to heart-and-soul students at the Austral University of Chile. Our intuitive AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is designed to streamline your dating experience. Simply engage in a friendly chat with Eva, who will establish your unique profile and set you on a path to romantic encounters that you won't soon forget.

No more hoping to bump into the love of your life during a study session at the university's Biblioteca Universidad Austral. Distracted flirting over the law books is a thing of the past. We know how valuable your time is, and ensures you spend less time stuck in fruitless conversations and more time connecting with like-minded peers. With Eva, dating on campus has never been so effortless.

Perhaps your first date with your ideal match happens at the beloved Café Austrália? Create the shared memories that define your college love story. Step into the future of dating with, built specifically for you, the culturally rich and hardworking student body of Austral University. Let Eva guide your love life as you move forward in your academic journey here at the heart of Chile!