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Welcome to, the innovative dating application tailored exclusively for Bayreuth University students. Our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is here to revolutionize your romantic quest by making the tiresome process of profile building fun, interactive, and accurate. With Eva, you no longer need to rely on mere swiping or the whims of fate in the RW Library.

Our groundbreaking app understands the hustle of student life at Bayreuth University - those cramming sessions at the Learning Center, invigorating meetups at the Glashaus, weekend chill-outs by the University Park. That's why we have integrated those unique elements into our matchmaking process. Eva smoothly guides you through a friendly conversation while learning about your preferences, interests, and your favorite hangouts - be it the popular Panama Joe's Café or the hidden gem Café Rossi.

Let Eva take the reins of your love life. Say goodbye to aimlessly surfing through profiles and say hello to personalized matches who share your interests – whether they’re studying Fine Chemistry or conducting their own symphony at the University’s Auditorium Maximum. Welcome to a new era of dating at Bayreuth University. Welcome to