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Welcome to, exclusively designed for the students of Birkbeck, University of London! Forget the tedious swiping and clichéd profiles, we are rewriting the language of love, one algorithm at a time. Our matchmaking AI chatbot 'Eva' is specially programmed to find your ideal partner among fellow Birkbeck students, based on a detailed conversation that lets Eva learn about your interests, personality and what truly sets your heart racing.

That's right, no more relying on serendipitous library encounters or scouring the bustling SOAS-Coop café for a potential. Let Eva handle the task while you focus on your studies, and all the other amazing experiences that university life in London has to offer. Your perfect match could be a book lover at the Mallet Street library, a philosophy major attending a nocturnal lecture, or a coffee connoisseur from the 5th floor of the Torrington Square building. promises a revolutionary dating experience - personalized, user-dependent and appealing. A dating app is at its best when it resembles real-life interactions. Eva's insightful conversation will tailor your profile so accurately that the only decision you'll have to make will be what to order at the Waterstones' café during your first date. Let Birkbeck's camaraderie be the foundation of profound connections. Embark your romantic journey with today!