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Welcome Boğaziçi University students to, the revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for you! Say goodbye to endless swiping and say hello to Eva, our AI Matchmaking Chatbot. Here's how it works: You'll engage in a candid conversation with Eva who’ll carefully craft your profile using her advanced algorithms, matching you with prospects who share your interests.

We understand that your study time at the South Campus Library can't always be your love connection hotspot. Or how your fellow Boğaziçi students prefer Burç Café for sharing a cup of their famous hot chocolate on a first date, instead of the overcrowded Starbucks. We’ve got you covered. With, you’ll make meaningful connections, curated by Ai, and built on shared experiences and familiar locales, making dating as convenient as ordering your next casual latte at Kennedy Lodge.

So, are you ready to face the future of dating? Join today and let Eva the AI matchmaker tailor your dating journey. Don't leave love to library serendipity or rely on a chance meeting at the Economics Department. Because at, we believe that love should be more than just a roll of the die. Start your journey towards love at Boğaziçi University today!