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Welcome to, exclusive to Brno University of Technology students. We've reimagined dating for you, fueled by an AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva. No more endless swiping or relying on bumping into your crush between the aisles of the IDI Library. Instead, experience matchmaking on a different level.

Eva will interact with you in a conversational style, understand your preferences, and create your profile tailored to your personality. So, your matches are not just based on a pretty profile picture but your interests, study discipline, or even your shared love for delicious espresso at Kafec. Forget about awkward first messages, as Eva will handle all the initial interactions, ensuring a seamless, stress-free dating experience.

Let redefine your dating life. With an AI companion that understands you, we're not only increasing your chances of finding love but also saving you time for your studies, friends, or perhaps a well-deserved break in the beautiful campus park. Get matched the smart way at the Brno University of Technology with