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Welcome to—the revolutionary dating app designed just for us, the spirited students of Carlos III University of Madrid! Forget about the old game of incessant swiping and say hello to our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva.

Eva is not just smart, but she gets us. Forget the random encounters at the "Biblioteca Carmen Martín Gaite", hoping to bump into that limited-edition someone. Engage in a conversation with Eva and let her build your profile, searching across our vibrant community for your perfect match, going beyond the likes and dislikes. She understands how a well-brewed Cortado at the Café Livre suits us Madriléños a lot better than a Starbuck's date. Or how cheering for our team at our beloved ‘El Estadio de Fútbol de Colmenarejo’ beats any generic movie date!

Let's embrace the Carlos III University lifestyle together with—the only dating app where your distinct profile is crafted through intuitive interactions. Say adios to the swiping era and hola to intelligent dating, tailored to fit our exclusive needs. Start your unforgettable journey today with Eva!