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Welcome to, exclusively designed with the needs and preferences of Case Western Reserve University students in mind. Instead of hoping to run into the perfect match in Kelvin Smith Library or hustling through app profiles, we introduce you to Eva. As our premier AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva engages in a meaningful conversation to craft your unique dating profile. No swipes required, just genuine conversations!

At, we offer a refreshing and futuristic approach to dating. Recall your heart-to-heart sessions at The Jolly Scholar; imagine the same ambiance, but with our AI, Eva. She will get to know you better than your study group at Nord Hall, ensuring that your profile reflects your true self. By using sophisticated algorithms and razor-sharp precision, Eva presents you with matches that cater to your preferences, course schedules, and even favorite campus hot spots.

Whether you're a nursing student seeking companionship over caffeine at The Coffee House or an Engineering major searching for a study partner who understands the rigors of Bingham Building, streamlines your dating needs. Break free from the constraints of traditional dating and allow Eva to revolutionize your campus love life. Let's make every day feel like Springfest with shared passions, interests, and meaningful connections at!