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Welcome to, the future of dating at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. We know that amidst long hours of study at the Biblioteca - chasing grades, not dates - it could be challenging to find that special someone. Well, the good news is, you won't have to rely on impromptu library encounters anymore. With us, you will find a perfect match without swiping a finger.

Meet Eva, your AI chatbot matchmaker. She does all the work for you. Engage in a vibrant matchmaking conversation with Eva, and she designs a profile that truly represents you. Say goodbye to guessing games, it's time for personalized matches based on more than just a profile picture or a shared interest in the Gelateria La Romana ice cream.

Beyond everyone’s favorite places like Café Sant'Ambroeus or the delightful passeggiata at Parco Sempione, our app connects you with fellow students who share your tastes and interests. So, make way for romantic coffee dates or deep conversations over a Gelato, and let us introduce you to your perfect match. Find love in your circle, in our beautiful university, with