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Welcome to, a state-of-the-art dating experience specially designed for the students of Chalmers University of Technology. Our proprietary AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is here to revolutionize the way you build your dating profile. Say goodbye to the endless swiping and preemptive judgement calls. Our Eva will have a matchmaking conversation with you, intricacies included, to discover and present your best self to potential matches.

At Chalmers, every student knows how hard it can be to find time for dating between lectures at the RunAn conference room or the late-night study sessions at the Kuggen. With, you no longer need to rely on serendipitous encounters at the university library or seize fleeting opportunities at the Pedagogen. Create a profile with Eva, and let us connect you with Chalmers' finest while you focus on your academic goals.

How about a first date at the local favorite, Cafe Verde, or an afternoon stroll along the picturesque campus? At, we understand and value the unique experiences that define being a student at Chalmers. Together with Eva, let's find you a companion who shares your passion for innovation, technology, and the little things that make student life at Chalmers special. Welcome to seamless dating at the Chalmers University of Technology!