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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app specifically designed for the vibrant, intellectual community of Chang Gung University. Say goodbye to time-consuming swipes and hellos to Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot. After a quick, engaging conversation with Eva, your profile is all set, leaving you more time to ace your studies and less time stressing about your dating profile.

Eva is well-versed in the local Chang Gung hotspots and culture. Fancy a first date at the famed Bai Win Cafe near campus? Or perhaps discuss your favourite reads away from the rush of the library? Eva's got you covered. Using advanced AI technology, we've designed Eva to match you with like-minded CGU students based on shared interests, academic fields, and leisure activities.

With, you no longer have to hope for serendipity in the study halls or campus events. We bring the dating experience right to your fingertips - smart, fun and uniquely Chang Gung. Start your matchmaking journey with Eva today and discover the exciting world of AI-assisted dating at