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Welcome to, exclusively designed for you, the dynamic students of Charles University in Prague. No more spending precious study break time endlessly swiping through profiles, instead let our intelligent matchmaking AI, Eva, guide you! Eva doesn't rely on the randomness of bumping into someone in between stacks at the Carolinum library, instead she facilitates fruitful connections based on your genuine interests.

How does it work? You engage in a friendly chat with Eva, during which she skillfully learns about you and your preferences. Post this engaging conversation, Eva sets to work building an impressively accurate profile of you, using advanced machine learning algorithms. All you have to do is sit back, hit Cafe Slavia for their famously comforting cup of coffee, and let Eva find a match that aligns with you, your lifestyle, and your aspirations.

Our innovative dating app blends technology with chance encounters and bridges the gap between virtual and real-life interactions. is not just about finding a date—it's about creating meaningful relationships. So, come find your study partner, coffee buddy, or maybe even your soulmate, right here in the heart of Prague at Charles University with