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At China Agricultural University, we are taking dating to the next level with our intelligent dating app, Engineered exclusively for our vibrant university community, employs an advanced AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, to streamline your dating experience. Gone are the days of endless swiping and relying on serendipitous encounters at the Xueyuan Library-Peking.

With, matchmaking becomes as easy as having a leisurely chat. Eva harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to learn your preferences, your passions and your quirkiest quirks. She offers a dynamic online dating experience by building your profile through an engaging conversation. Let Eva know your penchant for serene coffee dates at the popular Mingtian Coffee House or your preference for adventurous outings at the nearby Olympic Forest Park.

Our mission at is to make dating more personal, interactive, and tailored specifically to you. We aspire to transform the student dating culture at China Agricultural University, making it easier yet more meaningful. Put your trust in Eva and let her guide you through the exhilarating journey of finding love, friendship or perhaps, a study date!