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China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed specifically for the vibrant student community at the China University of Petroleum, Beijing. No more endless swiping or disappointing mismatches. Instead, let our advanced AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, take the lead in your dating journey. Eva will get to know you through a lively conversation, build your profile, and connect you with genuinely compatible matches. It's like chatting with a friend - only this friend has an uncanny knack for finding your perfect partner!

Forget about the awkward "bump into" at the library, or waiting in vain for that cute classmate to notice you in the crowded Jin De Yuan cafeteria. With, explore a world full of potential matches right within our university. Whether you prefer studying at Lao She Auditorium, playing sports at Wei Ming Stadium, or grabbing a coffee at the hidden gem – Peng Long café, Eva ensures your matches understand you and your preferences.

Unleash the potential of AI-driven dating with Lean back, let Eva do her magic and just focus on preparing for that first, unforgettable date. Whether it's a walk in the nearby CuiBaiLin park or sharing a Shachong Chuan snack at the famous Dongfeng Street, is your new route to love at the China University of Petroleum, Beijing!