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Welcome to – the revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Say goodbye to swipes and say hello to Eva, our innovative AI matchmaker. With just a friendly chat, Eva will get to know you, build your profile and seek out potential partners that align with your unique interests, ambitions and lifestyle. Yes, your quest for love just got smarter!

Set yourself free from the perfunctory chatter near the United College canteens, or those chance encounters in the Chung Chi Library that never go beyond exchange of study notes. Our intelligent AI system, Eva, is programmed to understand your preferences and match you with likeminded students. Ever thought of sharing a quiet, intimate conversation over a cappuccino at Muse Coffee? Or maybe, debating over the latest philosophical theories at one of the picturesque Cherry Blossom spots? Eva can make it possible for you.

Join today, and welcome the future of dating. Immerse yourself in the unique blend of technology and romance that caters specifically to the vibrant student life at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Experience the thrill of data-driven dating, where science meets emotion, and meaningful connections take precedence over endless swiping. Embark on your journey to finding love, uniquely your way, with