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Welcome to, the innovative dating platform exclusively designed for the vibrant and intelligent community of Chonbuk National University. Gone are the days of aimless swiping and uninspired small talk. Our state-of-the-art, AI-driven matchmaking chatbot, Eva, eliminates the guesswork and curates a personalized profile tailored just for you, after an insightful matchmaking conversation. So, instead of hoping to cross paths with your soulmate at the crowded Nongseong Library, let Eva lead you to them!

Your journey towards finding your perfect match begins with a simple conversation with Eva. Our AI chatbot understands your preferences and desires, offering an effortless matchmaking service that learns and evolves with you. You no longer have to wait for serendipity at the Habukkuk or comb through endless profiles - Eva does the sifting for you so you can focus on forging meaningful connections.

Imagine stepping into the fragrant atmosphere of the Artsans Coffee Shop for a first date, or talking about your shared love for the sciences under the blossoming cherry trees at our university park. Founded on technology, enhanced with a personal touch, is here to transform your university life, connecting the hearts of Chonbuk National University, one match at a time.