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Welcome to, Chongqing University's own premier dating app! No more aimless swiping, no more unreliable matches. We've pushed past the conventional approach to bring you a novel AI-driven matchmaking experience. Meet Eva, your personal matchmaking chatbot. Compose your profile through an enjoyable conversation with Eva, then sit back as she does the rest. Here at Chongqing, we know how challenging finding the right partner can potentially be.

Picture yourself sipping coffee with a potential partner at our local favorite, the Huxi Campus Cafe, an experience you prefer more than 'bumping' into someone in our vast library! Our app is uniquely tailored for you - the hardworking students of Chongqing University. Our algorithm dives deep into your preferences, your studies, your favorite pastime at Dongshuimen Bridge, and even your go-to meals at the University canteen to match you with students who truly resonate with your lifestyle and passions.

With, you no longer need to leave your romantic life to chance encounters. We turn the chaos of dating into a science. Utilizing AI intelligence, we're not just redefining the dating scene at Chongqing University, we're enhancing it. Try today and start your journey to a meaningful connection.