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Welcome to, tailored exclusively for the vibrant community of Chung Yuan Christian University! Say goodbye to the mundane routine of swiping through seemingly endless profiles. Our revolutionary AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, streamlines your dating experience. After a simple, engaging conversation with Eva, your unique profile is built and you’re ready to meet your perfect match.

Make meaningful connections without the guesswork of hoping to bump into someone in the CYCU library. Plan your first date at the students' favorite local spot, the cozy 2540 Coffee Shop. Or if you wish, venture to the Qzone Artificial Lake, an iconic symbol of CYCU, illuminating the campus at night with its beautiful reflections. Whether you are from the College of Engineering, Humanities, Business, or Design, connects the dots in romance for you.

Join today. Let Eva guide you through an unprecedented dating journey, finely calibrated for the unique sensibilities, needs, and desires of CYCU students. From first conversation to first date, and hopefully to lasting love, we're here to transform your university dating experience.