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Welcome to, the ultimate dating aid designed specifically for the spirited students of Clemson University! Say goodbye to those countless hours swiping, and let Eva, our innovative AI-powered chatbot, take over. Instead of relying on the off chance of bumping into your soulmate at Cooper Library, Eva learns all about you through an engaging matchmaking conversation and creates your profile. Avoid the unnecessary stress of presenting yourself perfectly, and let Eva's intelligence charm your potential matches.

Clemson Tigers, we’ve got you covered! Our platform acknowledges the unique aura that fills the air around Tillman Hall and the warmth that a cup of joe brings from the Esso Club. By intricately weaving in local favorites into your conversations, Eva paints a vivid picture of not just your personality, but the essence of the Clemson experience that you carry within you. So, whether it's a first date of studying together at the beloved All In Coffee Shop or sharing a laugh over classic campus anecdotes, brings genuine matching to your fingertips.

With, soar beyond the Clemson horizon, and embrace AI-infused love journey that speaks volumes of your distinctive Clemson vibes. After all, finding love isn't just about connection, it's about finding someone who resonates with the rhythm of your university life. Immerse yourself in a world of dating tailored to the Clemson Tiger in you. Discover, connect, and spark beautiful beginnings with today.