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Life at Columbia University can get pretty hectic between studying at Butler Library and catching up with friends over a cup of Americano at Joe's. Finding love shouldn't add to the stress, and that's exactly why was created. Our dating app, tailored exclusively for Columbia students, is here to revolutionize your dating experience.

Forget about endless swiping and going on dates with no connection. Meet Eva - our AI chatbot who plays cupid, learning about your preferences through intelligent conversations. This allows us to create a tailored profile and match you with potential partners that are truly compatible. You might share a class or two, frequent the same local spots, or simply be passing each other on College Walk, either way, Eva will find the magical connection!

No more wasted hours browsing profiles or hoping to bump into someone at Butler Library. is here to help you find your perfect match in the Lions' den. Download today and let Eva guide you to your future romance.