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Experience the future of dating right here at Comenius University through, an app tailored just for you. Our innovative AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is designed to understand your dating preferences better than you do. Put an end to aimless swiping and have insightful conversations that build profiles, not just picture collages. Through a smart algorithm, Eva immerses herself into a matchmaking conversation with you, understanding your interests, dislikes, and most importantly - who you truly are.

We know you're tired of spotting your potential matches amidst the ocean of students in between lectures or hoping to courageously bump into someone in the bustling University Library. brings your matches right to your fingertips - your fellow Skauts from the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics, and Informatics or the art devotees from the Faculty of Arts. Our AI chatbot, Eva, holds the unique capacity to connect like-minded individuals with impressive precision.

How about catching up with your potential match over a cup of coffee at the beloved Štúr Cafe, or strolling down the charming streets of our beautiful Bratislava? doesn't just set you up; we invite you to enjoy memorable experiences. Start your journey of profound connections and cherished moments at Comenius University with - your pathway to a more engaging, effortless, and personalized dating experience.