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Welcome to - a revolutionary dating experience designed exclusively for the spirited students of Curtin University. Built with an intuitive AI matchmaking chatbot - Eva, the journey to finding your perfect match has never been as effortless. Say goodbye to the era of swiping and say hello to engaging, insightful conversations that create your unique profile.

Imagine no longer having to rely on a serendipitous encounter in the Robertson Library, or hoping to strike a conversation over a cup of caffeine at Bookmark 303. Instead, indulge in captivating exchanges with Eva. Watch as she understands your preferences, building a comprehensive profile that captures your essence and attracts the perfect matches your way.

Get ready to add another memorable chapter to your Curtin journey with Transform your concept of dating and indulge in a fresh, personalized experience that's just as scholarly and vibrant as the campus you stroll through every day. Start your love story today, let Eva lead the way.