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Welcome to, the innovative dating app created specifically for the adventurous hearts at De Montfort University! Say goodbye to endless swiping and those haphazard encounters in the Kimberlin Library that hardly ever turn into meaningful connections. Our state-of-the-art AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is here to revolutionise your dating experience. Real, dynamic, and intuitive, Eva is an expert at building your profile based on an engaging matchmaking conversation with you. is not just another dating app; we understand what it's like to be a maverick student in search of connections amidst the vivacious life at De Montfort University. Our AI-driven service is familiar with every unique corner of our campus. Whether it's sharing lattes and laughter at the Riverside Café, heart-to-heart conversations at Magazine Square, or tranquillity amidst Greenhouse park, Eva knows just the perfect places and people for you. With, every day is an opportunity for a new connection.

Embark on your journey of discovery with — your trustworthy companion in navigating the exciting world of university dating. Let Eva take you on a unique journey of digital dating that stays true to your authentic self, mirroring the De Montfort University spirit of not being afraid to do things differently. Dive in, let's begin this journey together!