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Dublin Institute of Technology joins Dates.ai

Welcome students of the Dublin Institute of Technology, to dates.ai – an innovative dating app tailored just for you! Tired of waiting around in the Aungier Street coffee shop hoping for a conversation? Had enough of aimlessly swiping on generic dating apps, or fancifully hoping to bump into your dream date in the Bolton Street library? Look no further, your solution has arrived.

Remember the fascinating chatbot, Eva, from your course on Machine Learning? Dates.ai incorporates Eva as a personal matchmaker. She will casually chat with you, learn your preferences, your interests - perhaps she'll know you better than you know yourself. Eva will then create your profile automatically and set you up with compatible peers from all around the campus, making the swiping obsolete once and for all.

So finally, you can put away your swiping fingers, and put your free time to better use. Maybe finally venture inside the mysterious Grangegorman campus or enjoy a pint at the infamous Doyle's Corner. Take the leap with Dates.ai – and who knows, your love story might become the next legendary Spotted: DIT post.