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École Normale Supérieure joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai - the revolutionary dating service specifically designed for the bright minds at École Normale Supérieure! Say goodbye to hours of tedious swiping and hello to Eva, our cutting-edge AI Chatbot. Unlike the hit-or-miss chance of bumping into someone in the Durkheim Library, Eva intelligently gets to know you through conversational matchmaking, ensuring that your potential dates align with your interests, goals, and personality.

Eva uses your chat responses to build out your unique profile, enabling us to match you with someone who shares your love for quantum physics or your passion for philosophy. Imagine discussing Flaubert's 'Madame Bovary' on a first date at your favourite local spot, Le Bistro du Périgord, or finding someone who shares your dream to crack the code of quantum gravity.

No more searching in crowded lecture halls or hoping to find 'the one' in the intricate mechanisms of a lab experiment. With dates.ai and Eva, you can kick back in the Cloître or take a stroll along Rue d'Ulm, secure in the knowledge that we're hard at work finding your perfect match. So, why wait? Join dates.ai today, and discover how exciting the dating landscape at École Normale Supérieure can truly be.