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École Polytechnique joins Dates.ai

Discover a smart dating experience crafted meticulously to complement your vibrant student life at École Polytechnique! Welcome to Dates.ai, an intuitive, AI-powered dating app designed to ensure you never have to rely on accidental library run-ins to find that special someone. Save your swipes for scrolling through lecture slides - because with Dates.ai, the future of dating is just a conversational step away.

Meet Eva, our intelligent AI Matchmaker, who is here to reinvent your dating game, just like how Maxwell's equations changed electricity and magnetism! Engage in a stimulating matchmaking conversation and let her paint a vivid picture of your personality. Offering a refreshing take from the traditional profile building, Eva understands your preferences, quirks, and interests to find matches ideally suited for you. You'd every bit agree, this is much more engaging than any electrotechnical circuit!

On the terrasse of Bazin, enjoying a decadent cup of café au lait, the ever bustling Bibliothèque de l'École Polytechnique in the backdrop – how's that for your first date? What's more, our exploration into AI doesn't limit your interaction, but rather enhances your dating experience by matching you with fellow Polytechnicians. Stroll past the lakes in the evening, explore the corridors of the Palaiseau campus, or unlock beautiful moments at Point Alpha. With Dates.ai, you're not only unlocking love, but also a meaningful bond and shared experiences that resonate with your spirited University life. Ça sonne romantique, n'est-ce pas?