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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed especially for you, the ambitious minds of Ehime University! We know that amidst the rigorous academic schedules and extracurricular activities, finding love can be challenging. That's why we've sharpened the arrows of Cupid and gave it an upgrade with AI. Leave behind the exhausting days of aimlessly swiping or hoping for a chance encounter in the bustling aisles of the Tobe Zoological Park library.

Meet our sophisticated AI chatbot, Eva. She's not your ordinary matchmaker. Eva excels in striking up engaging conversations, extracting your preferences through dialogues rather than dull questionnaires. She is dedicated to finding YOU the perfect match, inferring your compatibility factors from your conversations. Eva, with her advanced algorithm, curates a profile that represents the real YOU. You will be meeting students who share your love for the serene vibes of the Kashima Shrine or your fondness for those relaxed afternoon chats at the popular campus coffee shop, Café Coconuts.

So, brace yourselves, students of Ehime University (愛媛大学). Get ready for a dating experience as unique as the local tangerines of Ehime. With and Eva, let love find you in the most exciting and intelligent way. After all, who said studying at Ehime University is all about books and labs? Let's add some love to the equation!