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Eindhoven University of Technology joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, Eindhoven University of Technology's premier AI-driven dating service, designed exclusively for you. Our innovative AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, revamps your dating experience, eliminating the need for endless swipes, and getting straight to the heart of what matters - connection.

Remember those random encounters at the MetaForum library, hoping to bump into that special someone? They're a thing of the past! Eva will take you through a refreshing matchmaking conversation, build your profile, and connect you with the perfect match who shares your interests. Whether you are an Electrical Engineering enthusiast or exploring Photonics, our dating ecosystem knows no boundaries.

Our app will transcend mere academic affiliations, discovering the person behind the book. Perhaps your ideal first date is a frothy cappuccino at CoffeeLab UC, or a leisurely stroll around the inviting Dommel river? Eva is designed to propose, connect, and arrange your dates according to your preferences. Dates.ai is here to pave the way for meaningful connections, right here at Eindhoven University of Technology.