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Eötvös Loránd University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the fresh frontier of dating for Eötvös Loránd University students. Here, we brilliantly merge technology with your unique relationship desires to ensure you skip the endless swiping and head straight to meaningful conversations. Moreover, we believe that love shouldn't be left to random encounters by the shelves in the ELTE Library, but should be a journey you intentionally embark on.

Our AI matchmaking chatbot Eva, an innovative marvel, is eager to get to know you. Through a friendly chat, Eva carefully crafts your profile, enabling more accurate matches that share your interests. Whether you are an enthusiast of intellectual debates at the Budapest Brunch or a coffee aficionado at the campus's Freyja coffeehouse, Eva makes sure your matches align with your personal preferences.

Join Dates.ai today and let us turn dating into an exciting adventure in the heart of ELTE. Take control of your dating experience, keep your options open and let every encounter be an opportunity to meet someone extraordinary. With Dates.ai, love could be just a chat away, not a chance meeting in the corner of The University Library. Say goodbye to the uncertainty and step into the world where AI meets the university dating scene.