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Welcome to, the intelligent dating assistant designed exclusively for the hard-working, innovative students at ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. Forget about bumbling around hoping for a casual bump-into at the Main Library, or frantically searching for a potential soulmate during lunch breaks at Food Lab. Hell, you don't even have to awkwardly introduce yourself at the Polyterrasse! We have encapsulated all of Zurich's vibrant student life into a simple, intuitive mobile application. Say hello to your personal AI matchmaker - Eva.

Are you intrigued by Pessoa's philosophy or Euler's ingenious formula? Either way, Eva, is here to break the ice. She engages you in a proactive and enlightening conversation to determine what makes your student heart flutter. Whether it’s a deep discourse about Quantum Physics over chai latte at Cabaret Voltaire, a mellifluous sonnet exchange at the Paul Klee exhibition, or a passionate protest for sustainable practices at the UZH Botanical Garden – Eva creates a profile that reflects your desires, passions and unique personality.

No more daunting swipes. No superficial judgments. transcends the conventional dating experience, seamlessly bridging the gap between hearts through conversations rather than appearances. With Eva on the scene, ETH Zurich students now have the liberty to focus on imbibing knowledge, inventing, and creating a better world, while we ensure your social journey is as rewarding as your academic endeavors. Let’s redefine the ETH Zurich dating landscape - one conversation at a time.